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Bloom Collagen Coffee by Nugen

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Bloom Collagen Coffee by NUGEN is suitable for people who often stay up late, work overtime, or have poor living habits, providing them with a natural and healthy option.

✔️Contents:  1 Box contains 10 sachets (each sachet is 10g)

✔️ Usage: Mix 1 pack into 80ml hot water, mix thoroughly and enjoy.  


Benefits of Bloom Collagen Coffee:

- Premium Ingredients: Collagen, L-Glutathione, L-Carnitine, 

- 100% Robusta Coffee And combine with 10 other High Quality Ingredients

- Provide Energy: improves mental health

- Contain Antioxidants: for skin & hair benefit

- FAT BURNING - BODY SLIMMING: Daily Drink provide good energy and burn fat at the same time

- Effectively reducing skin aging: reduces wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and hydration.

- Brighten skin, support defeat acnes


- Daily Drink provide good energy and burn fat at the same time.

- Beauty enhancement for skin, hair & nails

- Improves joints & connective tissues

- Enhances brain function

- High in antioxidants

- Metabolism boost

- Helps firm skin, looks youthful, radiant

- Eliminate body toxins, anti-oxidation


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Bloom collagen

Items arrived in good condition and great service! Lollies are yummy 🤤 Thanks


    It's important to note that this product may have varying results depending on individual skin types and concerns. Always patch test and follow instructions carefully. If you have sensitive skin, start with a small amount and gradually increase as needed.

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