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GlutaLipo Gold Series: Fiber Coffee

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**Note: Please note that the containing box may appear to have some tears and folds which often happens during the shipping process and customs check. Glutalipo seal is delicate and easily broken. We will be reinforcing the seal and box with a tape if required. We can assure that the contents inside are intact and undamaged. 


GlutaLipo Gold Series - Fiber Coffee is very rich in flavour and has more fiber content than the classic coffee. With its Psyllium Fiber richness, you will feel satisfied with just 1 cup. 

Twice the fiber content. Twice the Detox power. Curbs cravings and makes you feel full after consumption so you will not feel very hungry. Feel less bloated, regulate bowel movement whilst making your skin glow and healthy!
Loaded with all natural ingredients.
No artificial sugar added.
10 Sachets in 1 box (25g per sachet)




No therapeutic claims intended.

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