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Glutalipo Gold Series: Red Iced Tea

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**Note: Please note that the containing box may appear to have some tears and folds which often happens during the shipping process and customs check. Glutalipo seal is delicate and easily broken. We will be reinforcing the seal and box with a tape if required. We can assure that the contents inside are intact and undamaged. 


Taste of Tokyo Tokyo Red Iced Tea + Signature Detox Power of Glutalipo = Glutalipo Signature Red Iced Tea with L Carnitine and Moringa Flakes. 

The primary ingredients are Garcinia Cambogia combined with L-Carnitine to effectively and efficiently burn fat; Glutathione and Collagen to fight against skin aging and to brighten skin tone.

Along with the other organic ingredients guarantee every user the following benefits:

* Prevents Constipation

* Suppresses Appetite

* Detoxifies and Cleanses

* Improves Digestion

All these can be enjoyed by every Glutalipo user without sacrificing the pleasure of drinking something delicious. Each variant tastes just as good as any other ordinary juice, milktea, or coffee drink. Guilt-free drinking is possible with Glutalipo!


No therapeutic claims intended. 

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