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KAMILLOSAN M Throat Spray 15ml

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Kamillosan M Spray is an oral spray which is clinically proven to relieve

  • early signs of sore throat (itchy throat, painful throat, or hoarse voice)
  • mild to severe sore throat
  • other oral discomforts such as bad breath and mouth sores

Vol. 15ml

How to use:

To use Kamillosan M Spray, just apply 2 puffs with the sprayer three (3) times daily. Two puffs applied with the spraying head corresponds to a fully effective single dose. It is recommended to use Kamillosan after meals.


Each mL of spray contains chamomile extract 370.5 mg, methyl salicylate 1 mg, peppermint oil 18.5 mg, sage oil 6 mg, anise oil 7 mg, dwarf pine-needle oil 1 mg, bergamot oil 0.5 mg and cineol 5 mg. It also contains approximately 25% volume ethyl alcohol.

Special Precautions: Avoid spraying directly into nose.

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